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Cover Product Line Description DOWNLOAD Type
Deck-DriveTM Premium Fasteners A series of Deck-DriveTM premium decking screws brochure S-F-SERIESDDAU Brochure
CLT & Engineered Wood Products Structural Fasteners & Connector Solutions for CLT & Engineered Wood Products C-CLT-NZ19 Catalogue

Fasteners & Fastening Systems

Fasteners & Fastening Systems product catalogue C-AF-AUNZ18 Catalogue
Strong-RodTM Systems Strong-RodTM Systems have become a popular continuous rod tiedown solution for light-frame, multi-story timber construction.  F-L-SRSAUNZ19 Catalogue
Timber Construction Connectors Timber Construction Connectors product catalogue C-C-AU16 Catalogue
FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System 

FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System product catalogue

F-R-FX70AU17 Catalogue

FRP Carbon Fibre Reinforcing Systems

FRP Carbon Fibre Reinforcing Systems product catalogue

F-R-S&P-FRP-AU18 Brochure
Outdoor Accents® Designed for Building, Designed for Living F-C-OAAUNZ18 Brochure
Structural Conectors Overview Structural Conectors Overview S-SSTOVAUNZ-19 Flyer

A21 A23 Reinforced Angle Bracket

The A21 and A23 Reinforced Angle Brackets provide a way to make a straight angle of 90° connection. 

A34 A35 Reinforced Angle Bracket

The versatile A34 and A35 Reinforced Angle Brackets provide a way to make a straight angle of 90° connection. 

ABU Adjustable Post Base

The ABU Adjustable Post Base provides a high‑strength connection between the post and concrete. 

BC Post Cap

Post caps connect tops of posts to members for a secure connection and are ideal for new or retrofit applications where structural support is needed.

CBT Concealed Beam Tie

The CBT Concealed Beam Tie is part of our concealed structural connector range, which combines structural strength with invisibility.

CJT Concealed Joist Tie

The CJT Concealed Joist Tie is part of our concealed structural connector range, which combines structural strength with invisibility.

CPT Concealed Post Base Tie

The CPT Concealed Post Base Tie is part of our concealed structural connector range, which combines structural strength with invisibility.

DTT Tension Tie & Holdown

The DTT Tension Tie & Holdown is designed for lighter‑duty holdown applications on single or double studs.

E-Z Mender

 The E-Z Mender is a simple solution for a number of timber fence post repair and reinforcement in both dirt or concrete. 

E5 Reinforced Angle Bracket

E5 Reinforced Angle Bracket is suitable for structural applications in framing and timber-frame houses for general connecting of timber at 90° angles. 

HDU Heavy Duty Holdown

The HDU Holdown is pre‑deflected during the manufacturing process, virtually eliminating deflection under load due to material stretch.

Heli‑Tie™ Helical Stitching Tie

The Heli‑Tie Helical Stitching Tie provides a unique solution to the preservation, restoration or repair of damaged brick and masonry structures. 

Heli‑Tie™ Helical Wall Tie

The Heli‑Tie Helical Wall Tie is used to anchor building facades to structural members or to stabilise multi-layer brick or masonry walls.

HTC Heavy Truss Clip

The HTC Heavy Truss Clip ensures alignment between a roof truss and non‑bearing wall when the truss or rafter is not in contact with the top plates of the wall.

HTT Tension Tie & Holdown

 The HTT Tension Tie & Holdown is designed for heavy‑duty holdown applications on single or double studs and offer a solution for resisting tension loads. 

Hurricane Tie

Hurricane Ties provide a positive connection between the truss/rafter and the wall of the structure to resist wind and seismic forces. 

IUC Face Fix Concealed Joist Hanger

The IUC Face Fix Concealed Joist Hanger is a face‑mounted concealed flange hanger solid timber sections.

IUSE Face Fix I-Joist Hanger

The IUSE Face Fix I-Joist Hanger is a hybrid hanger that incorporates the advantages of a face mount and top mount hanger. 

LSC Light Staircase Stinger Connector

The LSC Light Staircase Stinger Connector offers a versatile, concealed connection between the stair stringer and the carrying header or boundary joist while replacing costly framing.

LSSR Slopeable & Skewable Joist Hanger

The innovative design of the LSSR Slopeable & Skewable Joist Hanger allows it to adjust for skew up to 45° and features an innovative hinged swivel seat to adjust for up to a 45° slope on site.

LUS Double Shear Joist Hanger

Joist hangers are designed to provide support underneath the joist, rafter or beam to provide a strong a connection. 

MP Mending Plate

The MP Mending Plate is a versatile and easy-to-use mending plate for timber-to-timber connections. 

Outdoor Accents

A complete line of decorative timber connectors and fasteners from Simpson Strong-Tie, you can now bring both design elegance and structural strength to your outdoor living areas.


The PCZ/EPCZ Post Cap is designed for easy and fast installation for post-to-beam connections. 

PGT Pipe Grip Tie

The Pipe Grip Tie attaches timber fence rails to steel fence posts, eliminating rotted and failed timber posts. 

RR47 Ridge Rafter Connector

The RR47 Ridge Rafter Connector provides a solid connection between rafter and ridge beam. 

SAE Face Fix Joist Hanger

The SAE Face Fix Joist Hanger is a heavy-duty hanger designed for applications requiring additional strength.

SDE Split Joist Hanger

The SDE Split Joist Hanger is a two‑piece, width‑adjustable joist hanger that can accommodate joist widths from 60mm and 120mm. 

SDWC Truss Screw

The Strong‑Drive® SDWC Truss Screw provides a truss and rafter-to-top plate connection as well as a method to fasten stud-to-top and bottom plate. 

SDWS Timber Screw

The SDWS is the advanced alternative to bolting timber, or batten and coach screws, being 30% faster and 10% stronger than an equivalent batten screw. 

SP4_Detail_Stud-to-Top Plate Tie Down

SP4 Stud Plate Tie

The SP4 Stud Plate Tie is a versatile solution for connecting the stud to the top and bottom wall plates. 

TA Staircase Angle

The TA Staircase Angle is a heavy duty angle bracket for connecting stair treads and stringers.

THD Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor - Concrete & Masonry

Titen HD® Heavy Duty Screw Anchor is the original high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, as well as uncracked masonry. 

TJC Jack Truss Connector

TJC is a versatile connector for jack trusses. Adjustable from 0 to 85 degree (shipped with 67.5 degree bend).

TP Tie Plate

The TP Tie Plate joins and reinforces joints with a simple, versatile solution for a wide range of connections.

TSP Stud Plate Tie

The TSP Stud Plate Tie connects from one side and is suitable for single bottom plates and double top plates.

ULT Reinforced Angle Bracket

The ULT Reinforced Angle Bracket provides a way to make a straight angle of 90° connection.

VPA Variable Pitch Connector

The VPA Variable Pitch Connector is a versatile, field‑adjustable solution for connecting rafters to the wall top plate.

WBT Wall Brace Tensioner

The WBT Wall Brace Tensioner is an easy‑to‑use wall strap‑brace tensioner that takes the slack out of strap bracing, saving time over other methods. 


Decking Calculator

Weatherboard Calculator


Important Info & General Notes

Corrosion Information

In January 2004, the pressure treated timber industry voluntarily shifted from using CCA-C to alternative chemical treatments. To determine this impact on timber connectors, Simpson Strong-Tie conducted industry approved tests and found that many of the alternatives were more corrosive than CCA-C. Because this is an important safety issue, we have devoted several pages of our website to the issue of corrosion. We hope you find it informative and helpful in making decisions about this topic.

For Quik Drive® products: We recommend Stainless Steel, and Quik Guard© as materials/coatings that can, in appropriate environmental conditions, be used with the following pressure treated lumber: ACQ-C, ACQ-D, ACQ-D Carbonate, CBA-A, CA-B, SBX, MCQ and CCA.



Safety Data Sheets

All Safety Data Sheets are in the PDF file format and require Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.


Chemical Anchors Download
AT-HP® Blue High-Performance Methacrylate Anchoring Adhesive Safety Data Sheet
SET-XP® High-Strength Epoxy Anchoring Adhesive Safety Data Sheet
ETI Injection Epoxy Safety Data Sheet
CIP-LO Low-Odour Paste-Over Epoxy and Crack Sealant Safety Data Sheet
Mechanical Anchors Download

Retrofit Bolt, Blue Banger Hanger®, Crimp Anchor, Drop-In Anchor, Easy-Set Expansion Anchor, Heli-Tie® Helical Wall Tie, Hollow Wall Anchor, IXP Anchor, Lag Screw Expansion Shield, Machine Screw Anchor, Nailon Pin Drive Anchor, Plastic Screw Anchor, Sleeve-All® Anchor, Split Drive Anchor, Spring Wing Toggle Bolt, Strong-Bolt Wedge Anchor, Strong-Bolt2 Wedge Anchor, Sure Wall Drywall Anchor/Toggle, Titen® Screw, Titen HD® Anchor, Torq-Cut Anchor, Wedge-All® Anchor

Safety Data Sheet
Powder-Actuated Tools & Fasteners Download

Cartridges for Power Devices
Powder Loads: P22AC, P22LRSC, P25SL, P27LVL, P27SL, P22ACA, P27SLA, P27LVLA

Fasteners for Powder-Driven Tools

Powder-Actuated Tool Lubricant

Safety Data Sheet
Repair, Protection and Strengthening Systems For Concrete and Masonry Download

FX-771LV – Low-Viscosity High-Modulus Epoxy
Low-viscosity, high-modulus, moisture-tolerant epoxy designed for gravity-feed flood-coat or pressure injection of concrete cracks and a grout binder.

Safety Data Sheet
FX-70®-6 1:1 Marine Epoxy Grout
Three component 1:1 marine epoxy grout for underwater repair and the seismic retrofitting of pipelines.  
Safety Data Sheet
FX-763CTG Low-Modulus Non-Sag Epoxy
Two-component, low-modulus, non-sag epoxy cartridge for vertical, horizontal, and overhead concrete maintenance application. 
Safety Data Sheet
FX-70®-6MP Multi-Purpose Marine Epoxy Grout
Multi-purpose, three-component marine epoxy grout for underwater repair application as part of the FX‑70® Structural Repair and Protection System.
Safety Data Sheet
FX-225 Non-Shrink Underwater Grout
Non-shrink underwater grout for the maintenance of concrete.
Safety Data Sheet
FX-763 Low-Modulus Non-Sag Epoxy
Two-component, low-modulus, non-sag epoxy for vertical, horizontal, and overhead concrete maintenance application.
Safety Data Sheet
FX-70® JACKET Jacket for the FX-70® System
Protective, fiberglass shell for use in marine environments as part of the FX-70® Structural Repair and Protection System.
Safety Data Sheet

Reports & Approvals

Adhesives Download
AT-HP® Blue High-Performance Anchoring Adhesive


ETA-19-0265 (CONCRETE)

ETA 19-0418 (MASONRY)

CSTB FIRE TEST No. MRF 18 26076859/B

SET-XP® High-Strength Epoxy Anchoring Adhesive

ETA-11/0360 (OPTION 1)





Mechanical Anchors Download
Titen HD® Heavy Duty Screw Anchor

ETA-12/0060 (Option 1)

BRANZ APPRAISAL No. 983 (2018)

ICC-ES ESR-2713 (Concrete) 

ESR-1056 (Masonry)

Fasteners Download
SSDTH Weatherboard Screws BRANZ APPRAISAL No. 1044 (2019)

Structural Connections


Unmatched Quality from the Truss to the Foundation

With nearly 60 years of field and R&D experience, Simpson Strong-Tie® timber connectors are manufactured to the industry's highest standards. From framing angles to straps to heavy-duty joist hangers, we offer the most diverse product line so that you have the right product for the job.

Simpson Strong-Tie® connectors offer unmatched quality with laboratory and field testing, and are backed by our uncompromising commitment to customer service. As the company that built the connector industry, you can count on Simpson Strong-Tie® to work closely with builders, engineers and building officials to deliver innovative, building code-compliant solutions to help build safer, stronger structures economically. Download the Structural Connectors Overview Flyer.

Timber Connectors

From testing to service to availability, everything we do is engineered to ensure your project's success. With every product, you know you are getting the quality, value, service and on-time delivery that we have built our reputation on for the past 60 years.

From straps and ties to joist hangers and much more, Simpson Strong-Tie® structural connectors increase the strength and safety of timber-frame structures. Each connector is unique to Simpson Strong-Tie and is designed for specific applications without the need to adapt metal plating to suit a connection. Download the Timber Construction Connectors Catalogue.