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Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. was founded in Oakland (California) in 1956. For well over 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on creating engineered structural products that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings.

Simpson Strong-Tie is one of the largest manufacturers and supplier of structural building products in the world, including timber connectors, fasteners, fastening systems, anchors and lateral-force resisting systems. The company is known for its commitment to product development, engineering, testing, and training as well as providing customers with quality products and exceptional service.

After almost 2 decades of servicing the Australian Market with its ‘Safer, Stronger, Structure’ products in Sydney’s west, Simpson Strong-Tie will be relocating to its largest ever built warehouse across the southern hemisphere in early 2024.

Simpson Strong-Tie has more than doubled its operational footprint in the Australian Market from Western Sydney. Its new facility will house over 35000 tons of Building and Construction products ranging from Timber Connectors, Fasteners, Carbon Fiber and the have ability to introduce more products; all from its newly built site at Glendenning.

The warehouse is equipped with the latest logistical outlaying design to optimize efficiencies and continue to deliver products nationally whilst welcoming the future growth the construction industry has to offer.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s new site will be situated in the heart of the growing Western Sydney metropolis allowing it to continue to support its reputable on time delivery service as its new distribution centre will place it at the mouth of the Westlink M7 motorway.

Once open, the site will offer a spacious area consisting of two floors allowing us to provide a modern working space for staff and state of the art training facilities for partners and guests. 


Structural Connections


Unmatched Quality from the Truss to the Foundation

With nearly 60 years of field and R&D experience, Simpson Strong-Tie® timber connectors are manufactured to the industry's highest standards. From framing angles to straps to heavy-duty joist hangers, we offer the most diverse product line so that you have the right product for the job.

Simpson Strong-Tie® connectors offer unmatched quality with laboratory and field testing, and are backed by our uncompromising commitment to customer service. As the company that built the connector industry, you can count on Simpson Strong-Tie® to work closely with builders, engineers and building officials to deliver innovative, building code-compliant solutions to help build safer, stronger structures economically. Download the Structural Connectors Overview Flyer.

Timber Connectors

From testing to service to availability, everything we do is engineered to ensure your project's success. With every product, you know you are getting the quality, value, service and on-time delivery that we have built our reputation on for the past 60 years.

From straps and ties to joist hangers and much more, Simpson Strong-Tie® structural connectors increase the strength and safety of timber-frame structures. Each connector is unique to Simpson Strong-Tie and is designed for specific applications without the need to adapt metal plating to suit a connection. Download the Timber Construction Connectors Catalogue (2016-2018).



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